Gisarte's exceptional work has gained recognition and has been awarded at the national and international level. Due to its commitment to biodiversity assessment, environmental concerns, and the advancement of sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions, Gisarte has received the Quarry Life Award in the Nature-Based Solutions category and was a finalist in the Iberdrola Biok Challenge, highlighting its innovative approach.


The Quarry Life Award 2022

Heidelberg Materials and more than 100 guests celebrated the seven winning teams of the fifth edition of the Quarry Life Award in Brussels. Building on the award, Heidelberg Materials develops best practices for quarry management which are then applied on a global scale, amongst others supporting the company’s contribution to the EU restoration agenda.

GISARTE received the Nature Based Solutions Award for assessing the capacity of quarry biodiversity and ecosystems to cope with climate challenges.

The jury appreciated the design of strategies for the conservation of areas of high biodiversity value, as well as the reduction of temperature at the local level and the proposal to increase CO2 sequestration by increasing organic carbon in soils. It also highlighted the communication strategy employed, with the massive use of graphics and maps.


How to reduce the risk of trees falling on electrical power lines due to phenomena related to climate change?

The proposal presented by GISARTE, Monitoring and early warning system for risks in power lines derived from climate change, was a finalist in the challenge launched by BEAZ in collaboration with Global Smart Grids Innovation Hubs from Iberdrola. BiOK!

This is a meeting place that promotes generation of new business opportunities offered by BEAZ (an entity of the Department of Economic Promotion of the County Council of Bizkaia) the objective of which is double:

  • To consolidate the competitive positioning of reference companies in Bizkaia, providing them access to local and international talent and skills.
  • To attract startups, SMEs, or other kinds of kinds of organisations with high skills, either technological and/or in specific fields of knowledge, to Bizkaia, and to boost and provide them a first market option.


All our activity is based on free and open source tools, so that the entities that collaborate with GISARTE do not have to worry about additional costs in licenses that may limit their later use.

Escuela activistas




Although at Gisarte  we have experience working with all kinds of data analysis and visualization tools, business intelligence, GIS and remote sensing, we prefer to use free and open access resources.

Data Sources

Our data sources are freely available information from national, international and multilateral agents, both public and private. Geographic and satellite data are of special relevance for Gisarte, as they allow us to have accurate and constantly updated agro-climatic information.

Geographic data: We access this type of data which is mainly found in public repositories of geographic information.

Satellite information: Our main source of satellite information are  NASA and ESA, through their various portals, provide access to images from the Landsat series and the Sentinel constellation or MODIS or VIIRS products.

Free and open access tools



It is the basic GIS tool for all spatial work.



SNAP software designed for satellite image analysis.


The R Project

It is an environment and programming language with a focus on statistical analysis, which facilitates the dynamic visualization of data and allows to enhance the work of GIS and remote sensing.